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“Scott and Ben, I can’t thank you enough for having helped us with every step of the process; from discussing the pros and cons of leasing and buying, to helping us find and tour multiple buildings until we found the perfect one, to the close of the escrow.”

-Tony Brenta

“If you ask any successful person in real estate, they will tell you that persistence is a major key to making deals – Scott and Ben obviously know this, as they never gave up during the process.”

– Carolyn Adducci

“The greatest thing you did was to convince us not to sell or trade our property, you showed us that we had a well located property and a great assest that just needed a face lift and repositioning for the future.”
– Andrew Allen

“From the very start, you almost acted like a project manager over and above being a typical broker who just negotiates the deal. In my absence you recommended other professionals…so we could qucikly ascertain if the property was worth proceeding on a purchase.”
– Ilan Zamir

“You obtained on our behalf reports of: roofs, sprinklers, environmental, seismic, electrical, etc. so we would have full knowledge of the defects of the building that might concern any buyer coming to the table in negotiations.”

-Bob Hung

“You want Robinson on your team! He’s the velvet sledgehammer. He’s on point, without the BS, and he is all about the details. He knows when to push, and he knows when to listen: invaluable skills in this trade.”

-Guy Corrie

“You are a problem solver that has our best interests at heart, valuable traits that are hard to find in a Broker.”

-Arnon Oren

“From the very beginning you acted in a professional, organized manner and immediately recommended certain items to be addressed…”

Valerie Donelson, Trustee

“Your hard work, commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge always seem to aid in getting the deals closed and you often go well beyond that commitment…”

-Marcel Schurman

“…your tireless efforts over the last six months, calling on most of the industrial companies in Richmond, Berkeley and Emeryville finally paid off. Thank you so much for making our retirement dreams come true!”

-Susan Mahoney, Owner

“Thanks to your experience and connections in the industry, you were able to find a fellow San Francisco broker with the right investors.”

-Michael Traynor, President

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